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White Papers

  1. Antivirus & Ransomware

    Are you at risk of Ransomware?

    The latest generation of computer virus is kidnapping computers at a huge time and financial cost to individuals and businesses alike, as well as putting your work at risk. Are you in danger? This whitepaper looks at ransomware viruses and considers what you can do to make yourself less vulnerable.

  2. USB Risks

    There's a new computer risk on the block;
    make sure your network is not compromised.

    At the Black Hat Computer Security Conference in August 2014, two researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell revealed a flaw in USB devices that allow them to be turned into a cyber-attack platform. The pair, who identified the flaw, gave tech businesses time to look for a solution, but other researchers Adam Caudill and Brandon Wilson have now released the exploitation code online in an attempt to force electronics firms to improve defences against attack by USB. Here's what you need to know...

  3. WiFi Hotspot Pitfalls

    Don't let your free WiFi get you in a legal HotSpot!

    Providing a free WiFi Hotspot can be a great way to boost footfall and increase repeat business, but it can also get you in a spot of legal bother if you've not implemented it correctly. This white paper takes you through the potential pitfalls of providing free public WiFi and how to address them before it becomes a problem.

  4. Telephone Fraud - 'Phreaking'

    Don’t phreak out!

    Are you at risk of ‘Phreaking’ or Telephone Fraud, which could cost your business financially, or damage its reputation?

    ‘Phreaking’ is the process of hacking into a telecommunications system, in order to obtain free calls or contact high-cost numbers. It involves illegally hacking a telephone network and using this access to make long-distance or high-cost calls via your telephone lines.

    Typically, it will most affect businesses such as Schools, who have long periods of absence; however all businesses are at some risk during weekends, or closed periods such as the Christmas Holidays.

    Eurolink Connect has written a handy white paper talking about Telephone Fraud and what you can do to prevent it. Download it now.

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