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Telephone Systems

Telephone lines and call cannot operate effectively without the right telephone system and infrastructure. Eurolink not only manage and install the lines, we can also install and maintain the appropriate telephone system for you.

There are various options, either traditional PBX or Hosted PBX.

  1. Traditional PBX Solutions

    Mitel MiVoice

    The Mitel 5000 Communications Platform (CP) offers a digital/IP system including unified voice messaging, hot desking, Meet-Me Conferencing, ACD and enhanced mobility, with Dynamic Extension Express and teleworking. This means businesses can accommodate flexible working hours, working from home and multiple offices using the same system connecting geographically dispersed employees together. Small and medium businesses can blend their voice system with the data network, creating an efficient and cost-effective communication environment.

    Used for connecting offices or applications together over a network, or for deploying digital and IP phones to on-site employees, the 5000CP includes a complete suite of standard business applications Advanced communication applications are also available via the Mitel Applications Suite (MAS), the Mitel Unified Communicator (UC) Express and Mitel Unified Communicator (UC) Advanced.

    Suitable for up to 250 users across multiple sites the system is competitively priced; with the support of Mitel and ourselves it is a winning combination for businesses looking to improve their communications.

    Outlined below are a few of the many benefits:

    • No more ‘out-of-office’ – a standard feature of the 5000 CP is the ability for a user to ‘twin’ their desk phone with any other phone e.g. mobile, home etc. to enhance their personal accessibility and availability. This is great for mobile employees, as well as those working remotely or away at meetings
    • Flexible working made easy – remote or home workers can plug their Mitel phone into a broadband connection and get exactly the same communication features as their in-office colleagues, at no additional cost. In addition, when they visit the office, they can use the inbuilt ‘hot-desking’ feature so that they can login their too
    • Lower mobile costs – main office calls can be re-routed to a device of choice, so even if an employee is mobile, they won’t incur as many long distance or mobile charges
    • Conferencing built in – ‘Meet-Me’ and ad hoc audio conferencing are built into the system, making it easy to collaborate quickly with colleagues, without having to pay a hosted conference provider for the privilege.
    • Phone manager – included in every small business package, the Mitel phone manager is an intuitive application enabling users to view directories, check availability, make calls and view incoming call information, all from this handy PC application
    • Embedded, unified voice messaging – offering a suite of voice-processing applications, the system includes email synchronisation, BlackBerry Formatting (BES), MP3 attachments, voice mail, message notification & retrieval, automates attendant and Record-a-Call. Any of these applications can be explained in more detail by the team at Eurolink, however features include:
      • password-protected user mailboxes
      • a tutorial that assists new subscribers with mailbox setup
      • simple message retrieval
      • easy-to-use menus that allow users to send urgent (priority), private, or certified messages
      • notification of waiting messages
    • Auto attendant – a programmable feature that provides a direct automated call-answering service, the system can also provide back-up call answering for multiple departments or across the entire system. Auto attendant can be operational full time or can be programmed to only take specific calls.
    • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – fully-integrated functionality, this system includes call distribution, agent mobility, feature configuration, administration and recorded announcements. The integrated ACD functionality of the 5000CP can be enhanced by the Mitel Customer Service Manager, which would enable you to maximize the efficiency of your contact centre.


    Panasonic Network Communication Platforms (KX-NCP) are advanced communication solutions designed to enable businesses achieve Unified Communications by enhancing and streamlining office communications with presence enriched productivity applications.

    Highly modular and designed to improve your business communication workflow - Panasonic's new NCP platforms are ideal communication systems that solve virtually all of your business communication needs today.

    Click here to view our online guide to the Panasonic system (opens in a new window).

    Some of the key benefits include:

    • A converged network platform to enable businesses to implement Unified Communications
    • Integrated SIP telephony via SIP Trunking Providers
    • Integrated support for Communication Assistant productivity application suite
    • Built-in support for Advanced IP extensions, as well as standard SIP phones
    • IP Phones and Soft phones for Remote Workers and Remote Offices
    • Desktop, Network, & Business Application Integration
    • Built-in Voice Messaging and DISA functionality
    • Advanced Unified messaging using optional KX-TVM50 and TVM200 voice processing systems
    • Mobility application supporting mobile phones as office extensions
    • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
    • Centralised Management & Upgrades 
  2. Hosted PBX Solutions


    Horizon is a complete communications service for businesses that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities through easy to use web and mobile interfaces. The service allows the administrator, to easily manage your business telephony environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.

    The service offers a range of clever features and an emphasis on control and administration through the web that takes the burden away from the IT team. Administrators can quickly configure the system according to the organisationís changing requirements, whilst employees can manage calls easily and effectively.

    With only a minimal capital outlay required Horizon is suitable for any sized business looking to improve their productivity and image, or take a step into the many benefits of Hosted and Cloud Telephony.

    • Minimal Capital Expenditure with no need for new hardware or handsets
    • Free calls between sites connected via IP
    • Scales to match business needs
    • Connect remote & sales staff & cut international calling costs when travelling
    • Reduced expenditure on technical support
    • Simple to install & use
    • Advanced online call management
    • Feature rich including Music on hold, voicemail and call forwarding

If these services are of interest, or you would like some more information, please call us on 01453 700 800.

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