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  • Safeguarding your Smartphone
    Safeguarding your Smartphone

    With many people unconsciously still treating their smartphones as a basic device that can only make calls and send texts, and not as a highly-powered connected device that contains reams of personal information, just how worried should users be about the security of their device?

    In an interview with TechWeekEurope, James Lyne, global head of security research at Sophos highlighted the ‘mess’ that is IoT Security, and the importance of safeguarding your smartphone. He comments, “We’re at a point where our smartphone contains most sensitive information than our PC. If you talk to users about their feelings for (mobile) devices…the trust levels are extremely high compared to traditional computers – and there’s a very strong feeling of trust towards app stores.”

    He continues, “When you actually analyse whether that trust is deserved, it’s quite fragile, and we’ve got users expecting one thing, but receiving another – and that gap is only widening.”

    Recent research from Sophos suggests many popular mobile apps still have significant security flaws – such as not storing login details correctly and what Lyne calls the “incompetent use” of secure connections.

    He said much of this is down to developers being too focused on a ‘build fast, build hard, ship’ mentality, as many consumers will appreciate new and shiny features over improved security precautions.

    “It’s probably not a huge surprise… but maybe it’s time some of those companies start doubling back and asking themselves questions about security,” he explained.

    “It’s important that developers continue to focus on secure coding practices – it’s been said a lot, but building security in as you go is a hell of a lot cheaper than retrospectively adding it in later…we’re building some serious ‘tech debt’ in this industry, which at some point, someone is going to have to pay a price for.”

    Lyne highlighted a “glacial” change in security awareness among mobile users, as many people remain unaware of the best way to stay protected whilst using their devices, preferring instead to safeguard their work or personal computers.

    “I’m not saying that your scale of danger from malicious code on an iPhone is on the same scale as a PC – that’s absolutely not the case,” Lyne said. “But there are small kinks in the armour that are very concerning.”

    “(Smartphones) have grown so quickly from a simple black box that you can use to make calls and nothing goes wrong, and there’s not a huge risk, to a device that in some cases even has access to more information than a laptop… and our psychological attitude to this device has not shifted as consumers, or small businesses – so our alertness to the fact that we may be attacked is way less.”

  • Old Armenian woman helps Nicole win signed rugby shirt
    Ryann presenting signed Gloucester Rugby team shirt to Nicole Archer

    A cunning final question in a competition held during and after the recent Gloucestershire Business Show foxed all but two entrants when Eurolink Connect Ltd asked what damage an old woman with a saw had done to telecommunications. Nicole Archer of Allcooper correctly guessed the answer and won a shirt signed by all the members of the Gloucester Rugby team.

    Entrants were given a picture of an old woman, then given the option to choose whether she had protested against GCHQ, blocking the entrance with branches; had plunged Highgrove House into a telecoms black-out trying to rescue her cat; or cut Bill Gates out of her will. The correct answer was more dramatic as this unsuspecting old lady had actually cut the fibre cable supplying internet to 90% of Armenia!

    Eurolink Connect came across this story during their work as a telecommunications specialist and wished they'd been on site to help Armenia out of this situation! We ran the competition as part of our participation in the Gloucestershire Business Show. Nicole, who works for Allcooper in Gloucester, was the successful winning name drawn out of the hat to receive the signed rugby shirt. The shirt will be given pride of place in Allcooper's offices as, in a 'small world' coincidence, they will shortly be moving close Kingsholm and already are involved with the rugby club.

  • Secure WiFi that you can plug in and go...
    YellowBox WiFi from Eurolink Connect Ltd

    Do you need high-quality WiFi for your business, with a quick set-up and good reliability? Well now you can and all you’ll need is a plug..!

    Yellow Wifi is a portable WiFi hub that works on SIM technology; you can simply plug it in to create a high-quality, consistent WiFi speed to replace your broadband, or add to it.

    Great for:

    • Offices or businesses that need a failsafe to traditional broadband, in case your service goes down and can’t be fixed quickly
    • Remote businesses with a stunning view, but not stunning broadband coverage
    • Businesses with short-term or specialist requirements such as a Festival or Weekend event, or a building company on a construction site.
    • Pretty much anyway! It will even work in a campervan, delivery van or in a taxi!

    With internet access a daily need, businesses have increasing need for reliable WiFi for your employees and your customers. Yellow WiFi has a simple pricing structure, with a one-off fee for the hub, and then a monthly data allowance, so all you need to do is plug in and go. No installation charges.

    Benefits of Yellow WiFi:

    • Instant set-up; no waiting for installations and no costly installation fees
    • WiFi where you need it, when you need it – nothing more, nothing less
    • Portable, reliable and robust
    • Can be used to create a network for multiple users
    • Set-up a VPN, data share by Ethernet and you can even plug in a printer too!

    To learn more about this unique product please contact us on 01453 700800 or drop us an email at

  • Pledging our support
    Circle2Success logo

    We are really pleased to have signed the Circle2Success Work Placement Pledge, confirming our commitment to the next generation and our promise to provide effective and constructive work placements. We are committed to offering placements which enhance the employability and life skills of young people and ensures they have a positive impact on the local business community.

    Claire Maddox, Director says “I have seen for myself how beneficial it is to us as a business, to employ individuals who have prior work experience, and I have also seen how much young people flourish when presented with an opportunity to learn. We work to deliver a mutually-beneficial scheme, which sees our interns and work experience applicants get as much out of us as we get out of them! In an industry such as ours, where the technology is so advanced and changing all the time, there is even benefit to be had from employing younger people, watching the way that they interact with technology, as the first generation to grow up completely immersed with the platforms. Signing the Circle2Success Work Placement Pledge demonstrates our commitment and we are delighted to be among so many like-minded businesses, who have also signed.”

    Read more about the Circle2Success Work Placement Pledge here.

    Providing work experience placements and internships is something that is very important to us, and which we have been committed to for many years. As well as the Circle2Success Pledge, we are also part of the Stroud District Council ‘Skill Charter’ and part of their ‘Skills for Stroud’ Pilot Scheme, and we offer support with local careers guidance via Stroud Ambitions. Not only that, but this year has seen us take on our first two Apprentices and our first graduate.

  • Warning on ‘Locky’ Crypto-Ransomware virus
    Security Padlock

    A new form of crypto-ransomware named ‘Locky’ has been discovered on the Internet. The ransom malware, which automatically installs and encrypts your files, is generally delivered through an infected Office Document, generally attached to an email. Many of the emails will claim to be delivering an invoice. If the attachment is opened and macros are enabled on your PC, then it will automatically install the malware.

    ‘Locky’ acts in the same way as other crypto-ransomware malware, encrypting your files, before demanding a ransom fee in order to enable the files to be decrypted. Victims are asked to pay between 0.5 and 1.00 Bitcoin (equating to £147.45 - £295.09) for a decryption key via the dark net. Once downloaded, the ransomware will leave a file named ‘_Locky_recover_instructions.txt’ in each of the encrypted directories.

    Locky can infect Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based machines and will spread across connected removable and network drives.

    We have put together a whitepaper that outlines all of the preventative measures you should take to avoid this virus, and what needs to be done if your computer becomes infected. Click here to download our whitepaper.

  • New team members at Eurolink
    Four fresh faces at Eurolink

    Next time you call, you’ll most likely hear a new voice on the help desk, as we have now been joined by four fresh faces. These additions to our team are here to ensure we keep delivering an excellent service for you, and they are:

    • Mabel Walton, our first ever apprentice who joined us in December as our Customer Service Apprentice. Her main duties are processing documentation and supporting new customers, and she is also working with the help desk on their administration processes.
    • Amanda Daley, who joined us at the beginning of the year as our Customer Services Assistant. Amanda has recently completed a degree in Cyber Security and has a core understanding of networking, ensuring we can give you the most relevant advice and support.
    • Ryann Trinder, the first recruit on our graduate scheme, joins Eurolink as a Sales Executive. Ryann moved over to the UK from Chicago last year and has settled in Gloucestershire. Her primary focus is connecting with businesses in the local area, so you may well spot her face out and about.
    • Shannon Poole, who joined the team in February as an IT Apprentice. Shannon brings with her good office experience and is keen to get involved in all matters IT so there is plenty here to keep her busy.

    All four ladies have quickly picked up on our passion for customer service and are looking at ways in which we can improve the whole customer experience.

  • Eurolink sign Corporate Covenant to support Armed Forces Community
    Corporate Covenant logo

    We’re delighted to announce that we have signed the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant, committing to supporting and employing individuals who have served and their families. The Corporate Covenant is a promise from the nation that those who serve or have served and their families will be treated fairly, and is a commitment from businesses and communities to involve these individuals in services, policy and projects.

    You can see a full list of companies who have signed the Corporate Covenant on the website.

  • Eurolink engage the next generation with Stroud Ambitions
    Stroud Ambitions logo

    We’re really pleased to be involved in this year’s Stroud Ambitions event, which is being held on Wednesday 11 November 2015. The event is a major interactive careers event held by SGS College in Stroud and Stroud District Council at Stratford Park Leisure Centre. During the day (9am to 3pm), the event is open to local schools and will host almost 1,100 Year Nine students; then in the evening, it will convert to an open event, supporting those looking to change careers, find out about University and College courses and identify new job prospects. Full details are available via

    Eurolink will be showcasing what we do, alongside a wide range of excellent local businesses. For us, it is really important to engage with the next generation; they usually love technology, but many don’t consider a career in telecoms! We’re looking to change that and being part of the event will help us open up the horizons of both Year Nine students and those looking for a new career!

  • House of Commons, here they come! Tea party for MPs
    Thanks to the generosity of our customers, who happily donated £1 each on their monthly bills, we have been able to match-fund donations and give the Butterfly Garden £930 towards their project!

    We’re delighted to be supporting local Gloucestershire Charity, The Butterfly Garden, as they host a tea party for MPs at the House of Commons. Thanks to the generosity of our customers, who happily donated £1 each on their monthly bills, we have been able to match-fund donations and give the Butterfly Garden £930 towards their project!

    Cheltenham charity the Butterfly Garden is an educational, therapeutic and recreational scheme for people of all ages dealing with disablement of any kind. Run by Chris Evans, their objective is to create a unit that is safe, reliable and self-sustaining. On Wednesday 28th October, they are taking 100 of their students to London to host a tea party at the House of Commons, for political, civic and industrial figureheads to join. The objective is to break down stigmas relating to disability and one Stonehouse Company is helping provide the funding so that they can do it.

    Chris Evans says, “There is only one agenda for this event, and that is to be ourselves; not to whinge or protest, but to show our true colours. To be seen as valuable members of the human race. The event is booked and the deposit is paid, but we also needed to raise £6,000 to fund it properly. We’re really grateful to Eurolink Connect for helping towards that!”

    Speaking of the fundraising, Claire Maddox said, “We were introduced to the Butterfly Garden earlier this year and were completely captivated by what Chris and his team achieve for Gloucestershire! The project is amazing and we knew straightaway that we wanted to be involved. We’d like to thank our customers for agreeing to donate £1 each, and we’re delighted to be able to match fund it. Obviously we haven’t raised the full £6,000, but we know Chris is going to put £930 to good use. We wish them all the best of luck!”

  • Eurolink now an official supplier for The Growth Hub
    Logo: We're an Approved Parter for The Growth Hub

    We're delighted to announce that we have become an Approved Partner for the Growth Hub. The Growth Hub is an initiative in Gloucestershire, supported by The University of Gloucestershire and GFirst LEP, facilitating advice and support for businesses.

    Businesses in need of advice and support on anything from finance to funding, telecoms to marketing can access a wide range of selected partners (including us) enabling you to grow and develop your business. They will put you into their unique Business Navigator service, working to understand the opportunities, the challenges and the growth potential, then provide you with access to relevant experts who can help.

    We’re delighted to have been approved as an official Partner and look forward to helping businesses with technical telephone, connectivity and communication support.

    For more information on the Growth Hub, please visit

  • Eurolink selected as finalist at this year’s Stroud Life Business Awards
    Stroud Life Business Awards 2015 Finalist

    We're really pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist in our local business awards, in recognition of our excellent Customer Service and proactive ethos. With such a focus on Customer Service excellence in our business, we are really excited and proud to have been selected as one of the three finalists for this award.

    Earlier this year, we challenged our staff to look at ways we can improve relationships with our clients and deliver an even better service; they came up with our 'THINK' policy, bringing in our values of Transparency, Honesty, Integrity, No-Nonsense & Expertise. As a result, together with tightly controlled performance measurements our staff has adopted their own policy and now look to Think about what we do, Think about how we do it and Think about how our actions are perceived by our customer; basically THINK about everything we say and do. It is all about putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes and ensuring that we deliver service to be proud of.

    The awards are due to take place on Thursday 16 July 2015 and we await the outcome.

  • Skills Charter - Training the Next Generation
    (L-R) Des McCabe, Charter for Young People; Donna Purveur, Eurolink Connect; Geoff Wheeler, & David Hagg, Stroud District Council

    Just around the corner from our Head Office, Stroud District Council is working to develop a ‘Skills Charter’ committed to delivering a high-quality work experience programme to support young people.

    Eurolink is really pleased to announce that we are one of the seven companies and two schools involved with the pilot scheme initiative. At the launch party on the 18th May 2015, Eurolink was recognised for our work towards the charter and Donna Purveur received the certificate on our behalf. We very much look forward to working with more students over the coming years and giving them an insight into what they can expect in their working life ahead.

    (Photo L-R) Des McCabe, Charter for Young People; Donna Purveur, Eurolink Connect; Geoff Wheeler, & David Hagg, Stroud District Council

  • Are you ready for the new telephone number rules?
    New Telephone Number Rules

    From 1st July, Ofcom is introducing new rules to improve consumer confidence when calling 03, 08, 09, 118 and other non geographic numbers. Their aim is to simplify charges for individuals and remove the confusion... but will it??

    The changes will ‘simplify’ call charges and reduce consumer costs, but businesses may see a drop in number of calls they receive, or as much as a 400% increase in call charges from their provider! Can you afford this to happen?

    What changes can be expected?

    Number Changes for your Customers Effects on your business
    0800 or 0808 Good news! Calls will be free from landlines and mobiles. Bad news! Expect more expensive calls and plenty of them! Industry experts expect Freephone numbers to cost businesses almost 400% more than they do now.
    084, 087, 09, 118 Good news! Bills will now have two parts; an Access charge from the call carrier, and a Service charge from your business. This apparently makes costs clearer and should encourage lower prices.

    Bad news! Variable costs; the Access charges will be out of your business’ control and will be set by the carrier. For example, if you customers uses Sky phone lines, they can expect to pay 9.5p per minute for their access charge, whereas Eurolink customers will only pay 8.5p per minute*. This could mean costs go up, not down.
    Good news! If you own one of these numbers, you are entitled to have a corresponding 03 number. Simply ask your provider or talk to us.

    Bad news! You’ll have to clearly label your service charges e.g. “calls will cost 5p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge**”.

    What’s more, for some consumers the price will go up considerably due to the access charges which are out of your control. Does your business really need one of these numbers?
    03 - no changes expected Good news! These numbers cost the same as a geographic number beginning 01 or 02. What’s more, they’re usually included in mobile bundles, so consumers should be happy to call. Good news! Nothing is set to change. You will continue to pay inbound charges from your existing tariff and consumer trust in these numbers mean their behaviour shouldn’t change.

    We appreciate that Non Geographic Numbers can provide your business with really helpful call routing, statistics and an income, but these upcoming changes mean businesses should be asking if the numbers are worth it and whether there is a better alternative?

    Whilst they don’t create an income, statistics and call routing is available on geographic numbers (01, 02) and the non-geographic 03 numbers, and they’re better for your customers and your business reputation too! Eurolink has an excellent inbound platform, which we use ourselves and we would be more than happy to demonstrate and discuss the benefits of this with you.

    * List of published service charges is available from Eurolink.
    ** Numbers are regulated by Payphone Plus and final wording available from CAP (Committee for Advertising Practice).

  • SuperFast Britain BDUK Broadband Connection Scheme extended
    SuperFast Britain

    Following news of an extension of the Superconnected Cities Voucher Scheme, Eurolink are pleased to confirm that they continue to be an Approved Supplier. Currently being rebranded as Superfast Britain, the scheme enables SMEs in an additional 28 to obtain grants up to £3,000 toward superfast broadband installation.

    The scheme will give businesses that struggle with adequate broadband provision for their offices, the opportunity to get up to £3,000 off the installation of technologies, such as Ethernet which improves connectivity; it will reduce downtime, increase speed and help improve staff productivity.

    The new locations for this next phase starting 1 April 2015 have been identified and you can check if you are eligible by entering your postcode here.

    If you have any queries or want to discuss the packages available, please contact one of the Eurolink team on 01453 700 800.

  • Have you got the right Service Levels in place?
    on hold marketing

    Service levels are really important to be checked, before they are needed. Eurolink consider a business line needs Care Level 2 as standard, unless specifically instructed otherwise. For example, if you are on 'business standard care level' the supplier (in our case Openreach) is only obliged to fix the problem by close of business the next working day. If this is over a weekend, then that could simply be too long, and you may miss out on valuable business! At Eurolink, we are able to supply higher service levels, forcing suppliers to fix it faster or supply alternative options!

    Business situations change so we would urge you consider if you have the correct service levels in place. As such we would like to invite customers to book in for an annual review meeting, to help ensure the service you have is the right one for your changing business. For more information on the service levels available, or to book a meeting, please call the team on 01453 700 800.

  • Businesses are Putting Potential Sales "On Hold"
    on hold marketing

    Businesses are missing out on thousands of pounds worth of revenue annually, simply by putting their customers on hold. Research shows that businesses put at least 70% of their customers and potential customers on hold every day, despite evidence which shows 75% of callers met by irritating pre-loaded music, or worse silence, will hang up within 30 seconds! What’s more, the average time a caller will be put on hold (if they don’t hang up first), is more than 40 seconds, which puts a significant value of business at risk. Properly supported and installed ‘On Hold’ marketing however, can reverse this loss and in fact, on average can be responsible for a 30% uplift in sales of promoted services.

    Engaging customers with well-thought out and valuable marketing messages will not only keep them on the line longer, but will encourage additional sales, without increasing staff overheads.

    ‘On Hold Marketing’ is a business telephone message service that makes the most of the time customers and potential customers are on hold. It transmits pre-loaded messages that notify users of new and existing services, and are professionally-recorded “ear catching” audio broadcasts specifically created to inform customers. Businesses should be looking to on-hold messaging as a way to engage with customers.

    On hold marketing support is available from Eurolink Connect and you can try making your own absolutely free.

  • WiFi Hotspot with Legal Protection and Analytics
    WiFi with Analytics

    Eurolink has recently launched a new WiFi product with a difference: an affordable, competitive system for businesses to offer their customers a free WiFi hotspot which also has some additional beneficial features.

    It requires customers to login with their personal details or social media account in order to obtain and benefit from the free WiFi; this gives legal traceability to each browsing session and also provides you with personal data and instant marketing options.

    Benefits include:

    • Content Filtering allowing you to limit access to specific types of site;
    • Full customisation/white-label opportunity meaning your brand is put in front of all potential customers;
    • Free advertising - serious mobile internet users and portable-office workers look for the best internet connectivity and they're great at word of mouth promotion.
    • What's more, there are websites where you can list your business for free, highlighting the free WiFi as a USP.

    Recent research shows that 72% of those asked use public WiFi and 78% of them specifically look for free WiFi connections when out in public places.

    77% of respondents say they are more likely to stay in a location longer if they offer free WiFi and are more likely to spend additional money in a venue that offers free WiFi.

  • Commitment to Data Security with ISO27001:2013
    ISO Certificate

    We have been awarded the updated certification of ISO27001:2013, demonstrating our commitment to exemplary data security.

    ISO27001 is the international standard describing best practice for an Information Security Management System. The standard was changed considerably in 2013 and we have been working towards the ISO27001:2013, which we were awarded on 1 September 2014. The ISO27001:2013 certificate has been introduced to replace ISO27001:2005, putting more emphasis on measuring and evaluating the success of information and security implementation, as well as assessing a company’s outsourcing protocol, ensuring that they are up to scratch.

    Derek Maddox, Eurolink Director said “We are extremely proud and excited to have been awarded the ISO27001:2013. We have always ensured that we work with a supply chain that has this ISO27001 certification, but we are now taking it one stage further by achieving the new 2013 standard ourselves. Being awarded the updated certification of ISO standard ultimately means that we can serve our clients with greater efficiency and I hope it gives them the extra assurance of our standards and commitment to data security.

    We’re already benefiting from more focussed behaviours in our business and look forward to helping our customers to understand and benefit from these processes.”

  • Warning on ‘Gameover Zeus’ Ransomware virus
    Security Padlock

    We are warning businesses and individuals alike of a potential Cyber Security threat coming to a PC near them. Numerous High Profile cases of an emerging form of ‘Ransomware’ computer virus - ‘Gameover Zeus’ – are entirely preventable, yet still commercial and personal computers alike are being infected.

    Ransomware’ are scary viruses which infect a computer and take possession, encouraging users to reveal their bank details or pay fees to remove the virus. The ransom pages usually have reputable, trustworthy brands attached to them, such as faking the Police Force to encourage you to take action.

    The latest version ‘Gameover Zeus’ is estimated to have infected some 2,000 computers and once infected, a computer cannot be used until the decryption key has been input; yet most people will be unable to do this without costly professional help. In many cases, despite regaining access to the computer, the virus will still remain, lying dormant on the hard drive which makes it even more concerning.

    The truth is that an up-to-date Antivirus Software will prevent an attack like this and ensure computers are protected. We’re encouraging our clients and everyone else we know to check their antivirus software is up-to-date and also to ensure that the one they have chosen is reputable and able to handle these types of attack.

    The virus can be contracted simply by clicking on a link or opening an email attachment and there are no clear signs that a computer has been infected. It is only when the virus activates and takes control of the computer that people will realise, by which time it is too late. There is also then the possibility that you have been operating as normal on an infected computer and spreading it to colleagues or friends without realising.

    We have put together a whitepaper that outlines all of the preventative measures you should take to avoid this virus, and what needs to be done if your computer becomes infected. Click here to download our whitepaper.

  • Fifteen Native Trees to symbolise Fifteen Years in Business
    Planting fifteen native trees to symbolise fifteen years in business

    On Thursday 20th March, Derek & Claire Maddox, joined by Donna Purveur, and local councillors Theresa Watt, Pam Swain, Gary Powell, help local youth members plant the trees around the recently finished skate park.

    Eurolink recognise how much work that Youth projects do for the local community and wanted to get involved to celebrate the fantastic work that everybody has put into the recent projects. The 15 native trees planted symbolise 15 years of business and help to finish the landscaping of the skate park which will officially open in May along with the youth club, a great achievement for all involved.

    Donna Purveur said: “it's been a busy 1st quarter with 15 shoeboxes being sent to the troops in Afghanistan; guests who attended our birthday party raised £720 for charity Winston's Wish and now we're delighted to donate these 15 trees to complete the landscaping of this terrific project”.

  • Eurolink Connect celebrates 15th Anniversary
    Eurolink Connect celebrate 15th Anniversary

    Our 15th Birthday celebrations took place at our Stonehouse Headquarters on Thursday 27th February. The guest list included staff, customers and suppliers because we wanted to share the evening with the people who have supported us for the past 15 years.

    Claire Maddox, Eurolink Director said, “What a fantastic evening! I am so happy to be celebrating our 15th Birthday with all the people who have helped us get to where we are today. I am so grateful for all the support from everybody and it also makes me very happy that we helped raise money for Winston's Wish last night.”

    The evening was a huge success; £360 was raised for local charity Winston's Wish by everyone's kind generosity. The money raised at the event will be matched by Eurolink Director Derek Maddox, raising a total of £720 for the charity.

  • Operation Shoebox
    Operation Shoebox certificate

    As part of our 15th anniversary initiatives we have joined forces with the voluntary charity organisation Operation Shoebox to supply goods and home comforts to 15 members of a British troop currently serving in Afghanistan.

    Director Claire Maddox said, “when we heard about Operation Shoebox we thought it was a wonderful organisation to get involved with. Several of our staff has worked either in or with the forces, so it seemed a natural fit. We understand that our boys and girls on the front line miss their home comforts, so for a bit of fun and warmth the company are sending out 15 onesies and a goodie bag to each of the soldiers containing some treats, sweets and a £10 phone card. As a company that works in telecommunications, what better gift could we give, than putting them in contact with their loved ones this Valentine's Day?”

    On behalf of Operation Shoebox, Regional Voluntary Coordinator Rebecca Leppard said, “we are incredibly grateful to Eurolink Connect for this generous donation. Soldiers serving overseas can often feel very cut off from home. Receiving such a kind and generous gift will really boost morale, and I am sure the onesie's will go down a storm! I can't wait to see the picture from Camp Bastian.”.

  • Eurolink Approved Supplier for BDUK Broadband Connection Scheme
    BDUK Broadband Connection Scheme

    The UK Government have an initiative running across 22 super cities where they will assist SMEs with funding to get internet speeds they need for their business. Eurolink Connect has been accepted as a registered supplier who can deliver these services.

    Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) is operating a Connection Voucher Scheme as part of a UK Government initiative to help SMEs, Charities, and Social Enterprises connect to better broadband speeds. With businesses all becoming more dependent on cloud services, the need for superfast internet is critical but upfront costs can sometimes create a cash flow issue. To help out, budget has been allocated to 22 city councils. The Government wants SMEs to benefit from 30Mb+ speeds, so will be offering them from £250 up to £3,000 towards connection and any construction charges.

    This means that Eurolink could provide Ethernet fibre to businesses where there have previously been concerned about costs of Excess Construction Charges, which this grant could pay for, or at least offset the majority of the costs, meaning superfast connectivity is now viable.

    Twenty two cities have been selected as below and the scheme will be running from 7 December 2013 until the end of March 2015.

    Cities include: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton & Hove, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Derby, Derry/Londonderry, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Newport, Oxford, Perth, Portsmouth, Salford, York.

    Contact Eurolink on 01453 700800 to find out if this grant is available to you.

  • Eurolink Adds Full Ethernet Products to Portfolio
    Eurolink Adds Full Ethernet Products to Portfolio

    With so much technology now being hosted businesses HAVE TO HAVE fast connectivity to deliver solutions to keep themselves ahead in their industry.

    The harsh reality is that even with Government initiatives and support, BT's superfast broadband rollout plan is not going to include everyone, the plans are still on course to deliver to 66% of the country by Spring 2014, but what if you are one of the remaining 34%, you still have to compete with those who already have the service.

    Eurolink have been working with alternative suppliers to provide Ethernet products for years but now we can provide it directly so our customers are using our network with our level of support.

    A company's connectivity these days is their life blood and we have a very important role to play to ensure that we deliver the levels of service that they expect, and indeed deserve.

    Eurolink's ethos has always been to have the customer at the heart of the business, therefore to ensure that we are direct with the networks and not operating through 3rd parties is critical to us and now we can truly do this with all our connectivity products.

    So whether you are requiring leased lines, Ethernet First Mile, Superfast Broadband these are now all available directly through us.

    If you would like to find out more please contact your Account Manager on 01453 700800.

  • Eurolink is Small Business of the Year Winner
    Eurolink are Small Business of the Year Winner in the Stroud Life Business Awards

    Last night we had the pleasure of attending the Stroud Life Business Awards and are pleased to announce that we won Small Business of the Year!

    The awards, sponsored by Winterbotham Smith Penley Solicitors, took place in the Five Valleys at the Old Lodge on Minchinhampton Common (18th July), and were presented by ex-Blue Peter star Valerie Singleton, OBE, and Jason Chare, Editor, Stroud Life.

    We can't express how much gratitude and satisfaction this award has provided to all of the team here at Eurolink. It is a real honour and privilege to be announced as Small Business of the Year within our community. We will use this achievement to drive our vision forward and further develop new ideas.

    We'd also like to say big congratulations to all the other winners, we had a wonderful evening!

    Photo: The team with Valerie Singleton at the Stroud Life Awards

  • Eurolink Celebrates Move to New Head Office
    Eurolink Celebrates Move to New Head Office

    Eurolink Connect was honoured to celebrate with The Mayor of Stonehouse, local businesses and some fast paced jive dancers at the opening of the new Head Office in the Old Police Station.

    After spending the last 6 months renovating and updating this derelict building, we finally moved in on the 2nd May 2013. Derek Maddox, Managing Director, and team enjoyed the buzz of everyone getting involved and participating. Derek commented:

    “We are thrilled so many people took the time to come and celebrate with us, as we have seen so much change within the past 15 years and we couldn't have done this without everyone's support”. He continued, “This is another key milestone in our journey and we promise to continue to deliver innovative communication technology and solutions for the next decade”.

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