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Inbound Call Handling

Inbound products provide you with an excellent way to provide business continuity as they are cloud based services that can be targeted at landline services. We offer easy to use portals, as well as support from our customer services team, so you can either make the changes or contact our team so you can re-route calls quickly and easily.

  1. Inbound Services

    Inbound provides web-based access to a range of call handling features and management statistics - services that work both with geographic and non geographic numbers.

    Users have access to direct their calls, create call routing plans and view the statistics as to how many calls are connecting, when busy times are throughout the day and even capture data on abandoned calls.

    Full training and support can be provided to manage the features which include:

    • Powerful call handling for both geographic & non geographic numbers
    • Access to powerful calls & management stats
    • Simple online management of inbound calls
    • Control over inbound call routing
    • Easy online activation
    • No Capital Expenditure, no hardware or site visit
    • Scheduled call routing (e.g. for Bank Holidays)
    • A cost-effective alternative to remote call forwarding
  2. NTS - National Translation Service

    This service is similar to inbound in the manner that you can point a number to a desired landline or mobile to receive incoming call, however without any of the additional call statistics or routing. This is a very basic point my number solution, without a web portal.

    The service is suitable for companies whom wish to publish a non geographic number ie, 0845, 0871, 0844.

  3. Fax to Email

    As the main electronic communication is now email companies are opting to receive faxes directly onto their email platform, removing the need for facsimile machines and paper. The fax is received in a PDF format and can be circulated directly into a company’s electronic filing system.

    With the fax to email service the customer is provided with a portal should they need to redirect the messages or alternatively a call to Eurolink and our staff can make the necessary change.

    Numbers can be ported across to the Gamma platform from most providers and therefore existing published fax numbers can be used.

If these services are of interest, or you would like some more information, please call us on 01453 700 800.

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